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Five Stars for Customer Reviewed Brands

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Outdoor Blankets are an excellent way to keep you warm and cozy after a long, hard day outside. There is nothing more uncomfortable than getting out of bed in the early morning and having to shiver to the cold metal frame of your bed. With an Outdoor Blanket, you can finally curl up with a good book or pick up a cold drink while staying warm and cozy. There are a large selection of great choices on the market including fabrics that are both light and heavy, and different sizes for both adults and children. Here are some of the best qualities of outdoor blankets:

Provides A Cold Sleeping Experience - An outdoor blanket at is a great choice for chilly nights because it can provide both warmth and insulation. Because the blanket is so bulky and heavy, the insulation is usually on one side only. This side provides the insulation needed to keep you snug and warm while sleeping and prevents the blanket from becoming uncomfortable to the point that you cannot sleep. However, if you prefer a side-by-side option, you can purchase one side of the blanket with insulation while the other is plain, lightweight fleece.

Lightweight and Comfortable - Although most people think of fleece when they think of outdoor blankets at , one writes a review almost always based on how comfortable it is. It is important to note that the weight and feel of a blanket are not nearly as relevant to comfort as how well it is packed away or worn. The same is also true for these type of blankets. If it is warm enough to keep you warm on a cold night, but it is too thick and bulky, you will not enjoy it at all. Therefore, when reviewers write a review, it is important to note both the weight and thickness of the blanket, along with how well it is packed and worn. If the reviewers were impressed by the blanket, it is likely that the blanket will be a good fit for you.

Water-resistant - A particularly enthusiastic reviewer wrote about her blanket's ability to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and even the occasional dust storm. In fact, she was able to use her outdoor blanket on a camping trip in a blustery Siberian winter. The machine-washable exterior prevented the blanket from becoming wet, soggy, or slimy. This was especially welcome news, as our family had just returned from a week-long vacation in the highlands of British Columbia. Read more facts about blanket at

Large Picnic Blanket - Another enthusiastic reviewer wrote about her large picnic blanket, which was quite long and thin. The blanket was made of extremely high quality polyester, and it was packaged nicely in attractive nylon carrying case. She also said that the polyester was excellent for keeping it dry even on the hottest days. When she washed the blanket in the washing machine, it dried quickly and without a lot of fuss.

Smell-Free - Although most of the reviewers mentioned only the negative aspects of their products, there were a few positive remarks offered by some customers who used Smelly Fleece Outdoor Blanket. Most people mentioned how easy it was to launder their product; however, one woman wrote that she noticed that her breath got all waxy when she first used the product. However, after several washes, she noticed that the smell has gone. Others mentioned that their children seemed to prefer the smell-free feel of the Smelly Fleece Outdoor Blanket to that of other brands. Smelly Fleece Outdoor Blanket does seem to be made for strong odors, at least.

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